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Nigeria  is a country located in the west African sub region on the Gulf of Guinea and has a total land area of 923,768 km2. According to the last population census, the nation is made of over 150million citizens.

It shares border on the western side with the Benin Republic and at the northern end it shares border with Niger republic and Chad while on the eastern end , they have border with Cameroun. At the southern border Nigeria is surrounded by the coast line.

Nigeria is currently made up of 36 states and Abuja as her Federal Capital territory.

Nigeria has two main rivers namely, “River Niger and River Benue”. The rivers divide the nation into three. Nigeria actually derived her name from these two rivers.

Nigeria is made up of three Major ethnic groups namely the Igbos (eastern part) Yoruba (Western Part) and Hausa/Fulani (northern part). Her citizens’ fall under two major religious groups, namely Christian and Muslim there is a few who practice the traditional worship. Due to civilization, these traditional worshipers are gradually shrinking into the above two religious groups.

Nigeria gained her independence from her colonial masters in 1960. After which her brief democratic experiment was interrupted by successive military interventions. The return to civil rule in 1979 was also interrupted until 1999 when she finally embarked on her longest democratic experience with the swearing in of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who was one time military leaders as the new democratic president and commander in chief of the Armed forces.

The current President of Nigeria is Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan while his deputy is Arch. Namadi Sambo

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Nigeria being a growing Nation strategically located on the planet, has several investment potentials which will be discussed on the relevant sections.

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